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Our website began as a dedication to our ancestral SQUIRES family from the county of Warwick. As our research progressed we began to find out more and more about our other branches too so we shall now be including them as well.

The list of surnames we have identified so far is at the end of this page.

Our ambition is to share our discoveries and stories with family and fellow researchers and also to connect with those currently unknown to us.

When we began our research we chose William SQUIRES to be our gateway to the Squires family because of the legacy he left to us, his descendants. His achievements will have influenced the lives of his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren who are an integral part of the Squires story told in this website.

In addition, Warwickshire is where the Squires family have been living from the 17th through to the 20th Century and so the title of our website reflects that strong residential link.

The addition of other branches of the family now adds an extra dimension to the story as their influence has combined with that of the Squires line.

We hope that you will enjoy what you find here and that you are encouraged to share any additional stories, memories, information or photographs with us, and, even tell us when you think we've got something wrong!

Can you help us?
There is more than one mystery to be solved and we need your help.

A Chinese proverb sums up the value of the study of family history -

"to forget one's ancestors is
to be a brook without a source,
to be a tree without a root".

Archer; Arnoll; Ashbery (Ashbury, Ashberry, Asbury, Asbery); Baldock (Baldocke);
Bayliss; Billing; Blockston; Bodington (Boddington); Bowskill; Burton;
Castell (Castle); Chapman; Chavasse (Chevasse); Coleman; Flinn; Flower; Foden;
Gardener; Gibbs; Gillon (Gelene); Hackwell; Hagan; Hallam; Hands; Harding;
Hartlet(t); Herbert; Hesom; Hill; Hornbuckle; Hubbard (Hubberd); Hudson; Hughes;
Hurlstone; Jackson; Jephcott (Jephcote); Johnson; Jones; Kenning; Lawrence;
Leeds; Mane; Marriot(t); Martin; Mayo; Mesinger (Messenger); McDougall; Moore;
Neale; Oliver; Onely; Oughton; Owen; Parkes; Pearman (Pierman); Perkins;
Pilkington; Pipe; Pooll; Randle; Savage; Seywell; Shakespere; Sheilay; Smith;
Spatcher; Spor; SQUIRES (Squire, Squiers); Taylor; Thompson; Washbrook;
Wells; Whitworth; Wilkinson; Willcox (Wilcox, Wilcocks); Williams; Williamson; Woodhoiuse.

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Jan Harris & Neil Busby

Wherever appropriate, (excluding menus), the first name of a direct ancestor will be shown in italics.